Johnny Depp/Amber Heard

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Johnny Depp -

General overview and differing samples display a huge variety of emotional outlays and responses.
At times the writing is fairly controlled and other times is quite erratic.

Good fluidity of thought, necessary in the acting profession.Anywhere from average self image to a low self esteem.
Very defiant, persistent, stubborn, determined, likes control and cautious. At times doesn't think too deeply.

Having a variety of personality traits is a bonus if you are in control of them. You access what is suitable at the time.If you don't have control then look out!
What is interesting is his Captain Jack Sparrow signature.
This displays a great self image, strong ego, self reliance. optimism & enthusiasm.

We should all write like Captain Jack Sparrow!

Perhaps Johnny prefers to be someone else and live his life in character. This would explain a low self image.
There are dates on only 2 of these samples, but the observations are accurate.
If I can source a recent sample I'll update this report.


A huge difference in the samples. Some are extravagant and flamboyant, one is very average with a legible signature, another are average print and a particular one in print is a little disturbing. If I'd seen these samples independently I would have thought these are different people.

People who are successful in entertainment generally have big egos, are very people based and extremely emotional. Massive highs and lows.

Written on a card with 23 on it, Amber displays a general emotional outlay, average self image and lives in "today".
2014 and 2017 has completely different cursive writing. 

Extravagant, good self image towards arrogance, fluidity of thought, enthusiasm, attracted to strong men who can be challenging, confusion, something physical related to the past, over-exaggerated imagination, selective listener, extremely emotional and prone to massive mood swings.

But wait, there's more!

A printed note in 2013 is odd, looking more like a ransom note.
Backward letters and heavy, retraced words. 

This displays extreme emotion and is demanding(apart from how it reads).

Any relationship with personalities displayed by Johnny and Amber will be tumultuous and very, very difficult.
At the same time it will be physically exciting ;-)

You would have to decide if the excitement is worth it. Perhaps it is(or was). They have a difficult mix of personality characteristics.
If I was providing relationship advice for any couple with their personality traits I would advise that it will require extremely good communication, understanding, diplomacy and acceptance. 

In regards to their court battle, who is guilty? That's for the court to decide. Looking at the handwriting samples alone, it is difficult to tell. They are both erratic and like control. How far will each of them go to achieve that control?