I was at a low point in my life. I did not understand so many things about myself.
Things that were holding me back.
I was lacking confidence, staying in bad situations too long, horrible jobs, toxic relationships, avoided social events.
In other words, an unhappy life.
Then after a one off chance meeting with Wayne, a complete stranger everything changed for the better.
Wayne performed a Positive Identity Index report for me which really opened my eyes.

What is it?

Is a method of identifying positive personality traits in anyone.
It will also reveal road blocks to success and happiness.

With a Positive Identity Index you will have information about you that will be life changing.
Then you put the steps into place to reach your goals, improve your relationships and achieve happiness.
And you don't have to do this alone. We can take this journey together.

Sound interesting? Read on :-) 

Have you ever been asked to complete a personality test as a job requirement?
How did you answer?
In a way to ensure you got the job?
Did you answer in a manner to how you were feeling at the time?

Not a very accurate personality testing method is it?
And from the employers perspective, they may or may not get the suitable person for the position.
What a waste of time and money for everybody.

In regards to personalities, they are as complex and individual as a fingerprint.
Any Q&A or "how does this make you feel" test is rarely an accurate reflection of the persons traits.


Because you will answer from the conscious, not the subconscious.
Your strengths, weaknesses, fears, goals, self esteem, communication, sensitivities etc are locked in the subconscious.
How many times have you observed a response from an acquaintance thinking to yourself "I didn't know he was capable of that!"
That is because unless you know somebody extremely well, they will rarely show their true self.
So if you cannot access the subconscious, you may never know how that person will react and why.

Handwriting Analysis reveals true personality with the subconscious being captured on paper through micro movements in the hand.
And we all write differently.
We all learned from the same script or print. Yet we have all developed our own particular writing style.
And that is because as our personality developed, so did our handwriting.

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Questions asked on a test will be answered with thought from the conscious mind.
Differing colours, pictures and shapes will attract differing feelings depending on the mood.
Handwriting is a subconscious procedure. The subject is generally irrelevant.
It cannot be "changed" to hide your true self and sees beyond the conscious mind. That is your subconscious.
Have you ever tried to change your handwriting?
And what changes would you make? To which letters? Pressure? Angle?
And how can you keep the changes consistent when your brain wants you to write in a certain way?
Try it now. Yes really, try changing your handwriting. It is awkward and unnatural.

I have performed recruitment for companies.
I've never found anything that is as accurate as a Handwriting Analysis Report.
And this has helped many(and the businesses) get placed in suitable employment.

I found it so fascinating that I decided to learn this science.
Along the way I have improved all aspects of my life.

I went on to become a Certified Handwriting Analyst.
I now mentor people and improve lives. A great feeling :-)
And I work for myself from anywhere. Just need my laptop and internet connection.
You too can become certified and earn an income online or in person.
How cool is that!

Want to know more about this amazing science?
Start the journey with me and learn more about your family, your friends and yourself.
Gain understanding, empathy and compassion. You will be amazed!

Get access to accredited info from the Handwriting University International.
Bart Baggett is the founder and has been teaching people globally for over 25 years.

It's an interesting insight into human psychology and loads of fun!