How you write displays who you are.
What is Handwriting Analysis?

  • It is a projective technique like body language which can profile human behaviour in the areas of social skills, thinking styles, achievement/work habits, and possible ways of dealing with stress.
  • It is a system of studying the frozen graphic structures which have been generated in the brain and placed on paper in a printed and/or cursive style.
  • It is a way to compare different personalities and their potential for compatibility in the areas of problem-solving, interpersonal skills, how they would fit into a team situation, and how they will react under pressure.
  • It is a method to view the emotional development of an individual relative to maturity and consistent actions.
What Handwriting Analysis Is NOT

  • It is not fortune telling or associated modalities.
  • It is not predicting the future other than describing possible future behavior and/or actions.
  • It is not a panacea for solving all the problems involved in high turnover found in the work place.
  • It is not to be utilized for invading the privacy of a person. In job related profiles, the only traits addressed have to do with the requirements of the position.

by Carol Kizorek-Eastwick