Change Your Handwriting, Change Your Life!

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Therapy via The Pen
Really? Yea right!
Read on.....

Those of us older than 30 years or so were taught to write in cursive writing in primary school.
In fact, the teachers were so strict and stringent that if students did not write as precisely mandated, they would get in trouble!
This leads us to a natural question of:
Then why do no 2 people write alike?

Because handwriting is actually brain writing.
Every time you put your pen to paper you are splashing out ink marks and strokes that reveal both conscious and subconscious belief pattern.
More than you can possibly imagine!

The marks of penmanship on your grocery list reveal everything from how you emotionally express to how you feel about money, to your preferences about sex to your preferences about spirituality to your love or lack of love of travel to.....and the list goes on.
You see, the big bad secret is....
What we write comes from our conscious mind. How we write comes from our subconscious mind. In truth, some of the strokes taught to students at that tender age were actually enforcing less than positive characteristics!
For example, when learning handwriting in primary school, some strokes represented jealousy, low self esteem and more.
Most students begin to develop their own style of writing a few years after learning how they were supposed to write. So, some would naturally (subconsciously) deviate from very subtle strokes learned. Without even realising it.
When you, the writer, consciously change your writing (just a subtle but specific stroke that is recommended by a professional handwriting analyst) you are affecting the neurotransmitters in your brain and can begin to affect real change in your life. Neuroplasticity is the word for reprogramming or “burning” new pathways.
The idea has been around for awhile now: You can change your writing to begin to change your life. Does it change who you are, or your personality? Of course not. But it can support letting go of procrastination, self sabotage, fear of success, and much more, that can be hiding in your handwriting.
Apply these to real situations, like quitting smoking, getting out of a toxic relationship, and a lot of other potently personal situations and it can be surprisingly powerful.
Simple but effective.
If you are reading this, you must be at least curious. Please contact me if you wish to know more. I’m always happy to help anyone move forward.

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