Harry & Meghan

Individual personality traits are exactly that. Individual.    

But how do they affect others?  Positively? Negatively? 

And in regards to our intimate relationships, what is best?  

I would think that sameness and common ground is desirable. That way you understand each other. 

But it is way more complex than that. What I do in relationship reports is outline similarities and differences. That way each party knows how and why their partner will respond most of the time. No surprises! 

On with the analyses – 

Prince Harry – 

Is optimistic and looks toward the future. Harry displays generosity and possesses initiative. 

Harry has with a quick mind which indicates impatience, but he is also diplomatic. This is a good thing because this will inhibit his frustration when situations slow down the process. 

Harry is versatile, likes to be organised but tends to be a tad messy. But he still knows where everything is. 

He is defiant which means he will stand his ground. Generally, a positive trait but frustrating for parents when their young children have this on board. But it is a positive when they become adults with correct parenting during formative years. 

Harry can be stubborn. Once he makes up his mind it will be difficult to change it. He also has selective hearing which can magnify when coupled with stubbornness. Hard work? Depends entirely on the situation but he will simply not listen when he chooses. 

Harry has a variety of emotional outlays. He can be logical and good in an emergency. He can also be emotionally moved and so has great empathy. Harry is intuitive with an almost psychic ability. 

He is physically capable and a good conversationalist. Harry was in Afghanistan at the time of writing and was average in self-confidence. I have seen more recent short sentences which are the same. This is the only area I would advise Harry to address. He will be well aware of it but probably thinks it’s normal. Underlining his signature is a self-reliance trait which is a positive and will mask his self-doubt. 

Meghan Markle – 

Has a love of the handwritten note. Good on her! In these days of lack of time and “in yer Facebook”, it is refreshing to see a lady who appreciates the thought when someone puts pen to paper. 

When was the last time you bothered when it wasn’t a birthday or Christmas card? How long? Really? Shame on you! Invest in those you care about.

 Anyway, I’ve had my rant so I’ll get on with it.

Straight up, Meghan is extravagant, and is creative and arty. Probably obvious but still impressive. Meghan likes cultural events and she loves to leave a good impression. Rarely do I see handwriting like this from anyone who is not into Calligraphy or under the age of 80! Meghan appreciates being spoilt. But this can be something as simple as a sincere gesture. Meghan is very real. Meghan rides the emotional roller coaster so at times will be on top of the world and then feeling down. When she is down Meghan will need to do her own thing, and regroup. After which she will be back on top. She needs understanding on her down days. 

She loves to be centre of attention and prefers order and order in her life. But her emotional side will make impulsive decisions. This trait will drive her order/control side nuts and she will wonder why she does this. (I do this so I know how she feels) Like Harry, Meghan has selective listening (this will be fun). She is cautious with new people and situations. But the impulsive trait will interfere so will get it wrong at times. She is physically driven and likes variety. Harry will have to keep up! Meghan likes everyday material possessions. Shoes, handbags, lipsticks? Her signature is legible and almost the same as her usual writing. This means Meghan is an open book. What you see is what you get. She is also blunt in her answers and can be sarcastic. So, if you don’t want to hear the truth don’t ask! Meghan’s self-esteem is like Harry’s. Average at best. For us more average types, this seems highly unlikely almost impossible. But they will both struggle at times and prefer to be somewhere else. 


So how do they fit? 

Both like to be organised, but Harry is a tad messy, but this is a minor. Harry is a quicker thinker so will generally win in an argument whether he’s right or not (stubborn also). Neither one is a good listener and Harry is defiant so there will be plenty of “but I told you about this”. Harry is also compassionate and diplomatic so will bend at times, but it will be situation dependent. Sparks maybe? But Meghan likes her men to be strong and challenge her so this could work. 

Both are people based but Meghan has the bigger personality and needs people. Harry will have to understand this need and Meghan has to let him have Harry time. Meghan is very physical (everything physical) and Harry will have to keep up. Every man’s dream is to have a lady who is physically eager right guys? Be careful what you wish for! 

I doubt Meghan sleeps in and is always on the go. Being compatible with your partner in this area is key. You either have to be similar or understand the differences. Super important! 

Harry is generally a happy person which is good news for anyone in his life. Whether it be intimate, professional or social. He is a nice guy. They are both very caring and this is common ground when it comes to supporting charities and making a difference in the world. A positive match. All in all many compatible areas or close to. 

The biggest issue I see in any relationship is lack of communication and understanding. We may not be exactly compatible but the majority traits of a successful pairing needs to be similar. Or at the very least be good listeners and prepared to accept difference.  

If we are too dissimilar, we will outsource to fill the needs for our personalities. And that starts with close friends (because they are like us), and then we run the risk of meeting a likeminded attractive person who fills more of what we are subconsciously looking for. 

What I do in a singular personality profile is make people aware of who they are and how they operate. That gives them the insight of what to look for in a partner. 

A physically attractive person may win the initial interest (damn those hormones), but we need to consider the complete package.