Jeff Bezos

Firstly. Wow, what bouncy writing! 

His signature is readable but his general writing is all over the place! I can't read some of it. But I am looking at the shapes, not what is written. 

Jeffs signature is open and readable. He is not guarded, what you see is what you get. His signature is strong and indicates a good sense of self. Not over the top flamboyance lile many successful types.

A strong drive(can't sit still), fairly trusting and has the desire to be loved by many. Also likes to be acknowledged for his achievements.

Jeff's mind is constantly jumping from one thing to another. Whilst he's a good conversationalist, it may be difficult to keep up. This also indicates versatility. 

Jeff is a rapid thinker and analyses everything to death. These traits are in the letter 'm'. Sharp point tops and open angled middle lower (like a 'v'). This analytic trait usually interrupts sleep. Check your writing, is this you? If it is have a pad and pen on the bedside table. Write things down that wake you.

Jeff is exremely diefiant to authority. That must've been fun for his parents! His unattached tops of the capital "I" indicates extremely high goals, almost out of reach. A dreamer? Well Jeff dreamed big and put it into action.

He likes people and Jeff can be emotionally motivated. Needs social contact.

A selective listener and can tune people out. He was/is also good physically. Sports, dancing........ anything tyhat requires good hand/eye coordination.

At the time of writing jeff was trying to control a situation. But that is not a surprise. His i dots are slashed downwards meaning he was irritated with a current event.

No big surprises in Jeff's personality. He thinks and analyses fast and works hard. It would be hard to keep up with him. 

I was going to add, "the sky's the limit". But he's already done that. The moon perhaps?

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