The Letter ‘h’

These are our ideals in regard to religion, politics, spiritual views etc.

This is whether we have concluded our beliefs are all we need and correct for us, or if we are open to discussion, or perhaps searching for something to believe in.

In the upper zone parts of letters is where you find this trait.

Letters are - mostly h and l. But b, f, k also indicate the philosophical ideals and are supportive letters of h and l.

Philosophically Open-


The person is accepting enough to listen to others philosophies. 

They may or may not believe them, but they will at least listen. This is the fist step to acceptance.

Philosophically Searching -

A big loop anywhere in the writing is a big imagination. In this case the writer is searching for something to believe in.

They can change their views easily.

Philosophically Closed -

This writer has a locked down belief system. 

They feel no need to listen to others. Depending on other traits they may “switch off” if the conversation opposes their philosophies.

Philosophically Aggressive -

If the top of the letter had a sharp/angled end it means that person will vigorously and possibly aggressively defend their philosophical/religious beliefs. 

In this instance expect an argument. 

If combined with stubbornness, expect a big argument!