As an employer, it can be frustrating, time consuming and expensive. Generally when someone applies for a position, there is a good chance they say anything to secure the job. Even recommendations from previous employers may or may not be helpful. Consider these examples -

  • Category: Both genders




A. You need a person who connects well with people. A people person. You won't know this until you see them in action. Handwriting Analysis confirms or disputes the persons claims. 

B. You require a person for data entry who has good focus and attention to detail. Handwriting Analysis can pinpoint this.

C. Is it best to have staff who are punctual? Of course it is. Handwriting Analysis can confirm this.

There are many more personality characteristics that can be seen in handwriting. 

And of course you want the right person for the job.

Also if they are suited to the position they are more likely to perform well.

What I require from you the employer is - 

When you advertise a position you request applicants to submit in their handwriting using a black pen and have them post in the mail

Ask for an A4 page. You may simply ask for a description of their last position or even their last holiday. It really doesn't matter.


It will show if they can follow directions and see if they can be bothered. If doing that is too difficult you didn't want them anyway. And it provides a good sample for me.

Attaching a resume to an email is all too easy and you want a worker. They will think it is for neatness. 

We have a conversation so you advise me what skills and traits you require. And please be specific.

You then post or email applications to me.

I charge a minimum of $100 for up to 10 applications. And then add $10 each after that up to $200 maximum. If it goes above 20 I will individually quote a price.

Based on your requirements, I will recommend your top 3, or top 10 as per your request.

This process will save you so much time, money and stress. How much easier for you to review and interview 3 applicants?