YOU are the person responsible for a happy and fulfilling life. A handwriting analysis or Personality Report provides self awareness. It takes me hours to compile a report and you receive a comprehensive analysis. Why have a report done? Any accurate insight into your characteristics can be life changing. This report provides positives and not so positives. More Info below.

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And once you have this report, then what?

Self awareness is very powerful. 

There may be traits that are holding you back of which you are unaware. Once acknowledged and brought into the conscious, this can allow you to move forward.

The main traits that are many restrictive traits to a happy life are -  low self esteem, self consciousness, inflated sensitivity to criticism, stubbornness. There are other traits that when combined magnify these negatives into becoming a real problem which can inhibit the person attending many social occasions.  These are all fears, which are frustrating and restrict a happy life.

Alternatively, it is not just about roadblocks. There are many who have a natural affinity to being a people person, social, attentive to detail, good focus, persistent, good conversationalist, good listener etc. Are they in a job that allows application of these skills? Are they aware of these positives? If we improve these natural positives we can elevate our lives.

Once you have had time to read and digest, we have a phone conversation to go over the report and clear up any grey areas. This is not mandatory but most people prefer a chat.

Follow up - If you wish to move forward I can advise through Graphotherapy how to change traits that are holding you back.

Once a trait is identified as being negative I work with you to reduce or negate.

Or we enhance an already positive or at least put it to good use.

We don't need to meet, you can do this from the comfort of your home.  I don't even need a real name. Just a gender so the report reads correctly.

If you're stuck, doing nothing will achieve nothing. Invest time in yourself for a brighter future. You Deserve it !!!

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